Cut Edge Corrosion Treatment

Roofing Sheets

Corrosion of metal roof edges is a common problem, corrosion reduces the quality of the sheets, breaking down the existing coating which serves as a protection at the sheet’s edges. While the quality of coating used on metal profile sheets has significantly improved in recent years, the issue of deterioration and delamination of the layers is a constant danger to the integrity of roof performance and structure.

Should you identify any signs of cut edge corrosion on your roof, call Higham who will be happy to come and survey the building and provide you with advice as to the severity of the problem and how best to proceed. The sooner that cut edge corrosion issues are dealt with the better to ensure that further damage is prevented.

As approved installers for multiple manufacturers Higham is able to advise on the best cut edge corrosion treatment to prolong the life of your roofing sheets.

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