Community Support & Sponsorship

Higham are proud to sponsor various sporting activities which are shown below.

Higham have a sweets box in the office for all staff to purchase from which is provided by Snack Aid and replenished monthly. Profit from this go towards ‘Make a Wish’ who create life changing wishes for children with critical illnesses.

Most recently during March 2020 lockdown for Coronavirus, Higham made a donation to buy fabric to make scrubs for NHS and donated all their spare PPE such as masks to the local NHS.

Northampton Town Multi-Disabled Football Club
Northampton Saints
Isham Cricket Club
National Shire Horse Society
Northants Riders Club
Tom McClorey Local Jockey
Higham Heavy Horses

Corporate and Social Responsibility
Higham is committed to continual improvement of its environmental and social impact through the implementation of its Corporate Social Responsibility. Higham recognise that we must integrate their business values and operations to meet the expectations of all stakeholders who include clients, employees, suppliers, the community and the environment.

Higham’s Managing Director is responsible for the implementation of the Corporate & Social Responsibility Policy and will make the necessary resources available to realise their corporate responsibilities. The responsibility for our performance to the policy rests with all employees throughout the company.

Higham recognise that their social, economic and environmental responsibilities to these stakeholders are integral to the business and the aim is to demonstrate these responsibilities through our actions, policies and accreditations. Higham ensures that they are open and honest in communication with all stakeholders and in striving for continual commitment to improvement, maintain open dialogue, welcoming all feedback from all parties.

For the purposes of Corporate Social Responsibility, Higham break their Corporate Social Responsibility policy down into key areas:

Higham employees are the company’s most valuable resource and are a key factor in the delivery of services to clients. Higham recognise that it is the calibre of the people that make up the team that makes the company stand out from their competitors. As such, Higham work hard to recruit, develop and retain the best talent in the industry. As part of their personal development plan each of our employees is given a clear route for progression, including technical and professional training. Further to this, it is crucial that all employees maintain a high level of safety and technical expertise, therefore regular training and advice is made available. Appraisals are conducted with all employees to discuss their performance, establish new objectives and determine their individual training and development needs.

Human Rights
Higham encourages all related parties to observe human rights norms within their work. Higham aim to eliminate discrimination based on any grounds (Race, Creed, Colour or Religion) and promote equality of opportunity in the roofing and construction refurbishment sector. Higham are committed to ensuring that the employees and subcontractors are healthy and educated and that their views are listened to and respected. Higham encourage ambition and ensure that all employees are given the opportunity to develop relevant skills and knowledge to enrich their contribution and carve their own career path. Higham provide our managers with Equal Opportunities advice and support to ensure they have understanding of their obligations allowing them to manage the team fairly and equally in all areas of employment.

Higham sites are set up to provide a safe and quiet work environment to minimise disruption to the local community.
Higham believes in interaction with the educational community and are happy to discuss the possibility of presenting talks about career possibilities within the roofing and construction industry with appropriate local schools, colleges or clubs to encourage young people into the industry giving them a clear idea of the requirements required for different roles. As a further development of these talks Higham are open to the idea of hosting either an office visit or a site visit for interested students to provide a taster as to the feel of a working construction site. Site visits would be dependent on the specific sites available at the time and the client’s agreement, numbers would have to be limited for safety reasons, however this could provide interested candidates a unique opportunity to spend an hour or so on a site tour with one of Higham’s experienced contract managers, enabling them to ask questions and receive answers from and industry professional. During an office visit an insight could be given to how quotations are prepared and jobs mobilised, this again would be a unique opportunity for students to see how a working business conducts works either spending time with an estimator or the operations manager.
Another way Higham shows their commitment to interacting with the community is company’s commitment to sponsoring various sporting events and individuals. Higham feel that their sponsorship across a variety of sports provides a mutually beneficial partnerships with both locally and nationally, the company take great pride in following the achievements of the individuals and clubs which they support.
Higham fully support any staff members who wish to raise money for charity and will make allowances for them to take time off to do so.

Higham’s objective is to endeavour to reduce the impact on the environment through a commitment to continual improvement, resourcing sustainable materials and reusing or recycling excess materials where possible. Higham recognise that day-to-day operations cause inevitable impact on the environment in a number of ways. Higham are committed to reduce this level of impact through assessing and improving our environmental performance using a documented, maintained, monitored and reviewed Environmental Management System. Higham’s ISO 14001:2015 accreditation also ensures that the systems and procedures employed ensure the company’s compliance with all relevant laws, regulations and other requirements relating to the environment.

Higham continue to work with all partners to reduce their impact on the environment by encouraging them to adhere to our values by adopting environmentally sound practices.
Sustainability considerations are fully integrated in our business decision making. Higham source materials from suppliers who are committed to sustainability. Higham also dedicated to supporting causes whose aim is to maintain sustainable Britain.

Higham has been a Corporate Social Responsibility Partner with the National Forest in the past, Higham have been dedicated to the planting of new trees , this is an excellent way to not only support a sustainable Britain, but also wildlife and nature conservation. Higham’s previous investment to the CSR partnership with The National Forest showed our commitment to giving back to the country and  raising awareness. The National Forest is committed to investment, regeneration, public participation, education and recreation, all areas which Higham have supported and promoted across all areas of their business.

Health and Safety
Higham will do everything that is reasonably practicable to protect the health, safety and welfare of both our employees and any other person affected by their activities. Higham’s Director has overall responsibility for ensuring that we maintain high standards of health and safety. However, we rely on all of our employees, sub-contractors and clients to play their part in effectively implementing our health and safety policy.
To achieve this, Higham will in line with their H&S policy and ISO 45001:2018 ensure the following:
• undertake risk assessments, implement the identified control measures and ensure that safe systems of work are applied in relation to our activities
• provide and maintain a safe and healthy working environment including safe access arrangements and suitable welfare facilities
• provide information, instruction, training and supervision to enable employees to perform their work safely
• promote a positive health and safety culture within the organisation, in particular consulting with employees on health and safety matters
• commitment to prevention of injury and ill health and continual improvement in OH&S management supported by IOS 45001:2018 accreditation
• be prepared for emergencies such as fire and medical emergencies and investigate all incidents of injury or ill health

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